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BCS and Bank Job Quiz on Conditional Sentence

Practice some quizes on conditional sentence. Each section bears 10 questions and each question bears 1 number. Test your depth of knowledge on conditional sentence.

If you have any question regarding the quiz or if you want explanation about any of the questions, feel free to ask me through making comments.

Best of luck.

BCS and Bank Job Quiz on Conditional Sentence: Part 1

  1. What would have happened if-----------?

  2. the bridge is broken
    the bridge would broke
    the bridge had broken
    the bridge had been broken

  3. He --------- arrested if he had tried to leave the country.

  4. would
    could be
    would have been
    must be

  5. Shaheen would never have taken the job if --------- what great demand it would make on his time.

  6. he knew
    he had been knowing
    he had known
    he was knowing

  7. If I had known you were coming--------------

  8. I would go to the station.
    I would have gone to the station.
    I had gone to the station.
    I would be going to the station.

  9. If a ruby is heated it------------ temporarily loose its colour.

  10. would

  11. She --------- to death last night if a passer-by hadn't seen the flames in the downstairs room.

  12. will be burned
    would have burned
    would have burned

  13. While going to office, take your umbrella --------- it rains.

  14. in case
    if not

  15. It would be pleasant if we ---------- where to go.

  16. know
    had known

  17. If I ----------- rich, I would travel around the world.

  18. am
    have been

  19. If I lived near my office--------- in time of work

  20. I would be
    I shall be
    I will be
    I were

See your score and try the next one.

BCS and Bank Job Quiz on Conditional Sentence: Part 2

  1. If I were you, I (handle) the situation carefully.

  2. would handle
    will handle
    would have handled

  3. Choose the correct alternative to complete sentence. `He ---- to see us if he had been able to.'

  4. would come
    would have come
    may have come
    may come

  5. Travellers ------- their reservation well in advance if they want to fly during the Eid holidays.

  6. had better to get
    had to get better
    had better get
    had better got

  7. If he had invited me-----------

  8. I would go
    I might go
    I would have gone
    I had gone.

  9. ------, he would have singed his name in the corner.

  10. If he painted that picture
    If he paints that picture
    if he will paint that picture
    If he had painted that picture.

  11. If you paint that picture well, they -------- it in the exhibition.

  12. will hang
    would hang
    will have hung

  13. If you want away now, your friends ---------- you.

  14. would have missed
    will miss
    would miss
    have missed

  15. If Nepoleon had not invaded Russia, he ----- the rest of Europe.

  16. had conquered
    would conquer
    would have conquered

  17. If cigrarettes were banned, life ----------

  18. will be healthier
    should become healthy.
    become healthier.
    would become healthier

  19. If teaching ---- more, fewer teachers would leave the profession.

  20. pays
    is paying
    is paid

How Is Your Performance. Check your score.

BCS and Bank Job Quiz on Conditional Sentence: Part 3

  1. If the price is low, demand -----------

  2. is increased
    would be increased
    will be increased
    will increase

  3. If the sun didn't shine, fruits----------

  4. did not ripen
    will not ripen
    would not ripen
    has not ripen

  5. If he ---------- on telling lies, nobody will believe a word he says.

  6. go
    will go

  7. You ---- help me if you don't have time. I can do the job myself.

  8. aren't able to
    don't have to
    aren't going to

  9. If I -------- a millionaire, I ---- help every worthy cause.

  10. be, should
    were, would
    was, could
    on, may

  11. If water is heated to 100 degree Celsius, it ---- as steam.

  12. will boil, eacape
    would boil, escape
    boil, escape
    is boiling, escaping

  13. If you make delay, you-------- the train.

  14. would miss
    should miss
    shall miss
    will miss

  15. ----------- I would have been able to read for a while before bedtime.

  16. If the room was brighter
    If the room would have been brighter
    If the room could have been brighter
    If the room had been brighter

  17. If you had brushed your teeth carefully, you ----- fewer cavities.

  18. would have had
    would have
    would had
    will have

  19. If he wants to play the violin, I ------ the piano for him.

  20. play
    am playing
    shall play
    have played

How is your performance? Check your score.

BCS and Bank Job preparation on Bangla Literature- Evolution of Bangla and Bangali

hi friends, how r you? today, im going to share some important questions of Bangla literature. First read the questions carefully and then test yourself by taking a quiz. Best of luck friends.

Important Questions on Evolution of Bangali

Important questions on Evolution of Bangla Language

Now, how much do you know about evolution of Bangla and Bangali? Dare to take a test?

Quiz on Evolution of Bangali and Bangla Language

  1. The name BANGLA was first seen in the book

  2. Ain-e-Akbori

  3. The evolution of Bangla Language occurred in-

  4. 10th century
    9th Century
    8th Century
    7th century

  5. What is the middle age of Bangla Literature?

  6. 901-1200 ad
    1201-1800 ad
    650-950 ad
    1351 - 1500 ad

  7. The age of Bangla Language is

  8. 2000

  9. The name Bango was seen first in the book-

  10. Uponishod
    Oitoraio Oronnok

  11. Bangal language evolved from

  12. Prakroto

  13. In the 7th BC which scholar gave the first bangla grammatical rules?

  14. Konisko
    Rajendrolal Mitra
    Shil Vadra

  15. Which had been the language between India and Europe?

  16. Indo-Europian

  17. The modern age of Bangla literature starts from-

  18. 1701

  19. Previously, Bango designated the following region?

  20. Asam and East Bengal
    West Bengal
    East Bengal
    North and West Bengal

Friday, May 29, 2015

English Literature Preparation: Mega post (Part 1)

English literature is one of the toughest subjects to be prepared, especially for the students with science and commerce background. But taking preparation in English Literature is not that much hard. If you take preparation on some carefully selected questions of English Literature for your BCS, Bank or other job preparation in Bangladesh, taking preparation will become easier.

In this post you will see a mega post on English Literature. This is the first mega post on English Literature among the three. Next two posts are one the way. 

Now lets learn some important question on English literature.

1.      An epic is a -
Long poem
2.      Someone who writes plays is called a
3.      A person who writes about his own life writes
An autobiography
4.      The `Poet Laureat’ is
The Court poet of England
5.      The sentence `Death, thou shalt not die’ is an example of
6.      A lexicographer is a person who writes
7.      Elegy is
Song of Lamentation/ Song of morning
8.      Thennyson’s in Memoriam is
An elegy
9.      Limerick is
A kind of short narrative poem
10. Melodrama is
A kind of narrative-poem
11. A poem of fourteen lines is called
12. Sonnet is originated from
13. Catastrophy is
The tragic end of dramatic events
14. Protagonist means
The leading character of an actor in a play
15. Readers who eclectic tastes in literature
Read books on just one topic
16. A Machiavellian character is
A selfish person
17. A Fantasy is
An imaginary story
18. Ballad is
A kind of short narrative poem
19. A canto is
A division of an epic
20. Dirge means
A song expressing grief, lamentation and mourning
21. `Blank verse’ means
having no rhyming end
22. Monologue is
A speech in a play in which a  character, who is alone on the stage, speaks his thoughts aloud
23. Linguistics means
The scientific study of language
24. Playwright means
Someone who writes plays
25. Father of English novel
Henry Fielding
26. Father of English Poem
Geoffery Caauccer
27.  Poet of poets
Edmund Spenser
28.  Famous mock-heroic poet in English literature
Alexender Pope
29.  English `Epic’ poet
Jhon Milton
30.  Both a poet and a painter
31. The poet of nature in English Literature
Willam Wordsworth
32. Poet of beauty
John Keats
33. Poet of Skylark and winds
PB Shelly
34. Rebel poet in English Literature
Lord Byron
35. Father of Modern English Literature
GB Shaw
36. Most translated author of the world
V I Lenin
37. The oldest period of English literature
Anglo-Saxon period
38. Renaissance means
Rebirth/ Revival of learning
39. The beginning of Renaissance occurred in
Venice, Italy
40. The Golden age of English Literature is
The Elizabeth Age
41.  Victorian period was in
19th century
42. William Shakespeare born in
26th April, 1564 AD
43. William Shakespeare died in
23rd April 1616 AD
44. In which period of English Literature Shakespeare lived?
Elizabeth I
45. Shakespeare is famous for his
46. Ophelia is a character of the drama
47. How many plays/dramas William Shakespeare wrote?
48. The first play of William Shakespeare is
The Tempest
49. Important tragedies of William Shakespeare are-
Julies Ceasar, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Mackbeth, King Lear, Othello, Antony and Cleopatra
50. Important Comedies of William Shakespeare
The Tempest, The Mid Summer Night’s Dream, As You like it, All’s well that Ends well, The Comedy of Errors, The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Twelfth night, Winters Tale
51.  Calliban is a character in
The Tempest
52. `Merchant of Venice’ is a
Comedy/ Tragic Comedy
53. King Lear is written by
Willam Shakespeare
54. `To be or not to be’ is the beginning of a famous Soleloquey from
55. `The Tempest’ and The Mid Summar Night’s Dream is written by
Willam Shakespeare
56. The Tempest is a
57. To be or not to be, that is the ----
58. Shakespeare is known mostly for his
59. Calliban is Character in
60. The Merchant of Venice is
A Comedy
61. King Lear is a
62. Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar is a
63. Ophelia is an important character of
64. `The taming of the Shrew’ is written by
Willam Shakespeare
65. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in our philosophy’ is a famous quote from
66. `All the perfumes of Arabia will  not sweeten this little hand’ is a quotation from
67. Cowards die many times before their death’ is a quote from
Julius Ceasar
68. Where is expressed this view that `There is a divinity that shapes our ends’?
In Hamlet
69. Shylock is a character of
The Merchant of Venice
70. `All’s well that Ends well’ is a
71. Francis Bacon is an
72. Famous book of Francis Bacon is
Silent Woman
73. `Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man; writing an exact man’ is said by
Francis Bacon
74. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested’ is said by
Francis Bacon
75. Paradise lost was written by
John Milton
76. Paradise Lost’ attempted to
Justify the ways of God to man/ The action of God
77. `Paradise lost’ is a
Short Story
78. `Paradise Regained’ is written by
John Milton
79. `Lycidas’ is written by
John Milton
80. Elizabeth Tragedy is centered on
81. `To Daffodils’ is written by
Robert Herrick
82. In the poem `To Daffodils’ the poet weeps over
Short lived human life
83. The last line of the poem `To Daffodils’
As quick a growth to meet decay
84. Charles Lamb was
An Essayist
85. Who did write first English dictionary?
Samuel Johnson
86. A.S. Hornby is famous for
Writing dictionaries
87. `Gulilaver’s Travel’ is written by
Jonathan Swift
88. The most famous satirist in English Literature is
Jonathan Swift
89. The famous work of Poet Alexander Pope is
Rape of the Lock
90. `To err is human, to forgive is divine’ is said by
Alexander Pope
91. `Patriotism’ and `Ivan Hoe’ is written by
Sir Walter Scott
92. `Patriotism’ is a
93. Who is the author of the book `Robinson crusoe’?
Daniel Defoe
94. Edmund Burke belonged to
18th Century
95. Most important feature of romantic poetry is
96. Romanticism is mainly connected with of
Love and beauty
97. The literary work `Kubla Khan’ is
A verse by Coleridge
98. Which English poet was addicted to opium
ST Coleridge
99. Pioneer of Romanticism are
Wordsworth and Coleridge
100.                     PB Shelly born in
101.                     PB Shelly died in
102.                     `Odd to the West Wind’ is written by
PB Shelly
103.                     In Shelly’s `Ozymandias’ the words, `My name is Ozymandias, king of kings’ are inscribed on
The verse of the nature
104.                     What lies half sunk in the sand in Shelley’s `Ozymandias’?
Broken head of a statue
105.                     In `Ozymandias’ the poet says, “I met a traveler-------- an -------- land
From, antique
106.                     Oh! Lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud; I fall upon the thorns of life! Bleed.”
Ode to the West Wind
107.                     `If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ These lines were written by
108.                     Our Sweetest songs are those that tell of the saddest thoughts’ is a line from
To a Skylark
109.                     `Poets are unacknowledged legislators of the word’ – who told it?
PB Shelley
110.                     PB Shelley is a
Romantic poet
111.                     John Keats is a poet of
Romantic age
112.                     John Keats is a
Romantic poet
113.                     Famous books of John Keats are
Ode to Autumn, Ode on a Grecian Um, Ode to Nightingale
114.                     Professionally John Keats was
A man of Medicine
115.                     John Keats is a
Romantic poet/ Poet of sensuousness
116.                     Who wrote `Beauty is truth, truth is beauty’
117.                     A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ is a famous quote of
John Keats
118.                     William wordsworth born in
119.                     William wordsworth died in
120.                     Wordsworth was inspired by
The French Revolution
121.                     Who wrote the poem `Solitary Reaper’?
122.                     Wordsworth is a
Romantic poet
123.                     The word `solitary’ means
124.                     `Written in March’ is composed by
W. Wordsworth
125.                     Famous poems of William Wordsworth are
Solitary Reaper, Written in March, The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, The Daffodils
126.                     Famous Verse of William Wordsworth is
127.                     `Child is father of man’ is taken from the writings of
W. Wordsworth