Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to start BCS viva preparation

After a long wait, 34th BCS written result has just published. Successful candidates are going to face one of the toughest part of BCS examination- viva.

Do you think that preparation for successful Viva is hard? I will say- no, it is not. Rather, if you take a systematic preparation you will be successful. Now big question is- how to take a systematic preparation?

Don't worry. That what I will talk about today.

1. Know thyself:
At the very first of BCS viva, the interviewer try to make the candidate easy. That why, they question about the candidate. These questions includes-
** Introduce yourself?
** Say something about your district/upazila/village.
** Which University have you read? What is the name of the VC of your University?
** Whom do you love most and why?, etc.

Answering these questions are easy. Every candidate takes their preparation on topics related to him. Answering these questions smartly increases the impression of the candidate. Though introductory conversations are not the main part of viva, it creates an impact on total viva.

So, if you want to start smartly, you must know yourself.

2. Build Self-confidence
Both confidencelessness  and over confidence are harmful for any sort of viva. But you must have to have a marginal level of confidence. The matter is, confidence does not create automatically. Confidence has to be created. You have to know those minimum things which a general candidate should know.

If you know how much you know, you confidence level will automatically rise.

3. Take preparation according to your choice list:
After the introductory conversation, the board move forward to ask the real questions for judgement. These questions normally starts with the cadre choice that the candidate had made in his choice list.

Pattern of viva differs by the change in the cadre choice list. For example, viva of a candidate whose first choice is BCS (Administration) and whose choice is BCS (Foreign Affairs) will not be same.

You have to take preparation according to the choice list. This will save your time and energy during the preparation. Give importance to the first three cadre choices.

4. Try to be unique
There are some common questions asked in the viva boards. And, for many questions there are no definite answer. For example,
** Why have you chosen BCS (Foreign Affairs) cadre?
** Why you want to come for BCS?
** How will you serve your country, if you become a BCS (Administration) Cadre?
** Why have you chosen general cadres, while you read a technical subject academically?

In all BCS viva guides, these questions are answered. Please don't memorize the answerof these questions. The interviewer will realize that what you are saying are the words of guide. Try to take answer of these questions based on your your position and your thought.

5. Be Specific: 
Most of the times candidates read a lot of things sporadically and superficially, and finally fail to answer questions specifically. This happens because of the candidates shallow knowledge. 

In the viva board, you have to be very specific in answering questions. This will prove your self confidence and create positive impact on the board.

While answering questions, you have to avoid `may be/ I think/ probably/ so far I know' etc phrases as far possible. 

Questions with specific answers appear more in number than questions with descriptive answer. So read specifically and be specific.

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