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Dutch Bangla Bank Job Questions with Detailed Answer

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. is one of the leading banks of Bangladesh. Getting a job in this Bank is not only dignified but also well salaried. 

Solve Dutch Bangla Bank questions and understand whether you are prepared for the Bank jobs or not.

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd

Part I: MCQ
Language and Communication

Question 1 to 5: Appropriate use of words
Instruction: Replace the word/words underlined, by any of the phrases listed below such that the meaning of the sentence does not change. (phrases are given in present form)

  1. Majid could not prevail on Tania to attend the classes.
    1. Persuade
    2. Insist
    3. Persist
    4. Motivate
    5. None of these

  1. Zara was sticking out for better terms.
    1. Arguing
    2. Persisting in demanding
    3. Clamoring
    4. Persisting for
    5. None of these

  1. Rahim’s teacher called for an explanation of his conduct.
    1. Summoned
    2. Draw forth
    3. Asked
    4. None of these

  1. You must not build your hopes upon his promises.
    1. Rely upon
    2. Take into consideration
    3. Rely much
    4. Believe upon
    5. None of these

  1. The police evidence to beat out the charge of theft.
    1. Prove
    2. Discharge
    3. Substantiate
    4. Confirm
    5. None of these
Question 6 to 10: Analogy
Instruction: Choose the pair that best expresses the relationship similar to the one expressed by the pair in the capital letters;

  1. Envelope: surround
    1. Efface: confront
    2. House: Dislodge
    3. Loiter: Linger
    4. Distend: Stuggle
    5. None of  these

  1. Apprentice: Master
    1. Slave: Owner
    2. Employee: Employer
    3. Novice: Novitiate
    4. Pupil: Teacher
    5. None of these
  2. Accountant: Accurate
    1. Judge: incorruptible
    2. Journal: Ledger
    3. Books: Accounts
    4. Verse: Poem
    5. None of these
  3. Tree: Roots
    1. Building : Foundation
    2. Shirt: Sleeve
    3. Entrance: Exit
    4. Smoke: chimney
    5. None of these
  4. Hot: Warm
    1. Frozen: Cold
    2. Silly: Sad
    3. Upsetting: Funny
    4. Black: Grey
    5. None of these

Question 11-15: Fill in the Gaps
Instruction: Select the word or words, which appropriately fill in the gap in each sentence
  1. You must boil those vegetables before--------------- in the stew.
    1. Using them         b. their used      c. the use            d. using                                e. none of these

  1. The park is named ----------------- the town’s first mayor
    1. In respect of                      b. owing to                         c. in honour of                   d. of the memory of                       e. none of these
  2. Spring is --------------------, it will be warmer soon.            
    1. On the way                         b. to be coming                 c. eventually                      d. prepared now                                              e. none of these
  3. The bookshop---------------- next to the town hall.
    1. Is put                     b. has the post                                  c. position                           d. is located                                        e. none of these
  4. -------------------- his parents allow him or not, Jhon intends to go to the party.
    1. Whether                              b. While                               c. Although                         d. Despite                           e. None of these

Question 16 to 20: Correct Spelling
Instruction: Choose the correctly spelled word from the given option.
  1. A. Supertendent                              b. Superintendente                        c. Superinted                     d. Superintendent                           e. None of these
  2. A. Missle                              b. Missile                             c. Misile                                d. Messile                           e. None of these
  3. A. Posess                             b. Posses                             c. Poisess                             d. Possess                           e. None of these
  4. A. Embarrass                      b. Embarase                       c. Emberrass                      d. Emberrass                      e. None of these
  5. A. Correspondence                         b. Corespondence                           c. Correspondens                            d. correspondense                                e. None of these

Questions 21-25: Sentence correction
Instruction: In each of the following sentences there might be an error. Your task is to identify that error part (labeled A through D). If there is no error, choose ‘no error’ (labeled E)

21.   Unless and until you act illegally(A),  you can not (B) function which (C), I think, is a situation practically in all industries that require(D) any sort of land. No error (E)

22.   It has (A) been many months(B), they have still not issue (C) the clarifications (D). No error (E)

23.   If the finance ministry’s  position are(A) to be believed (B), then  (C) all those projects become (D) unviable. No error (E)

24.   If I tell(A) you how many situations we have looked at and we cannot(B) make investments because of something to do with government policy(C), it is astounding(D). No error (E)

25.   It is not understand(A) for whom or for what purpose (C)the whole(D) system is made. No error(E)

Question 26-30: Correct Form of Sentences
Instruction: Choose the best answer to complete these passive voice sentences.

26.   Nothing------------------ me.
a.       Can be hald against                         b. can be hold against                    c. can be held against                     d. can be holding against                  e. None of these

27.   The flood water ------------------------ by barriers.
a.       Was be kept back                            b. was being keep back                 c. was been kept back                   d. was being keep back                                           e. None of these

28.   Thirty more people ------------------ last week.
a.       Were lie off                                        b. were laying off                             c. were layed off                              d. were laid off                                          e. None of these

29.   Your jacket -------------------------- over there.
a.       Can be hung up                                                b. can be hang up                            c. can be heng up                             d. can be hunged up                            e. None of these

30.   She ---------------- by bus.
a.       Was knocking down                        b. was knock down                         c. was knocked down                     d. was being knocked down                  e. None of these

Problem solving, analytical and financial aptitude

31.   If 3a=2b and 6b=7c what is the ratio of a to c?
a.       2:3                          b. 9:7                     c. 3:2                      d. 5:3                     e. None of these

32.   If 7 miles is equivalent to 11.27 kilometer, then 9.66 kilometers is equivalent to?
a.       6 miles                  b. 7 miles                             c. 6.5 miles                          d. 7 miles                             e. None of these

33.   [ 63(x-y)-62(x-y)-1000(x-y)]=?
a.       –xy                         b. –x                      c. 0                         d. 1                         e. None of these

34.   4-[7-(11)]=         
a.       8                              b. 3                         c. -2                        d. 7                         e. None of these

35.   The average of (0.4, 4.6,0.6 and 2.4) is?
a.       1                              b. 2                         c. 2.5                      d. 10                      e. None of these

36.   A and B can build a wall in 3 days. B can do it alone in 5 days. How many days would it take A to do this job alone?
a.       0.2                          b. 7.5                     c. 5.0                      d. 6.4                     e. None of these

37.   There are three different roads from Shah Bag to Farm Gate and 4 different roads from Farm Gate to Banani. How many different routes are there from Shah Bag to Banani which go through Farm Gate?
a.       4                              b.3                          c.7                          d. 12                      e.None of these

38.   A company made a profit of 7 percent selling goods which cost Tk 200. It also made a profit of 6% selling a machine which cost the company Tk 5000. How much total profit did the company make on both transactions?
a.       Tk 300                   b. Tk 314              c. 341                     d. Tk 441                              e.None of these

39.   The assessed value of a house is Tk 36 lac. The assessed value is 60% of the market value. If taxes are Tk 100 for every Tk 1lac of the market value of the house, how much are the taxes on the house?
a.       Tk. 3600                                b. Tk 2160                            c. Tk 6000                             d. Tk 1440                            e. None of these

40.   A national issue was won by a vote of 9 to 6. What part of the total was against the issue?
a.       3/8                         b. 2/5                    c. 6/8                     d. 5/3                    e. None of these

41.   If x=12, which of the following has the least value?
a.       X-2                         b. x/2                    c. 2/x                     d. 2-x                     e. None of these

42.   Add one half percent of 800 to 20% of 200 adn deduct there from 80% of 80. What is the result?
a.       404                         b. 408                    c. 8                         d. 4                         e. None of these

43.   If 7x-4y=4 and 4x+4y=40, then (x-y)2=?
a.       100                         b. 8                         c. -4                        d. 4                         e. None of these

44.   What is the original price of pack of milk powder which Zahid has bought at Taka 100, after receiving a discount of 20%?
a.       Tk 80                      b. Tk 120              c. Tk 200               d. Tk 125              e. None of these

45.   Sakib travels 12 miles in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Masud travels 3 miles in 45 minutes. Who is faster?
a.       Sakib                     b. Masud             c. Equally speedy                             d. Can not be determined                            e. None of these

46.   In the equation: 56(m-n)-57(m-n)+(m-n)=?
a.       –n                           b. –m                    c. 0                         d. 1                         e. None of these

47.   If r=18 and (r/s)=(6/y), then (y/s) is =?
a.       1/3                         b. 3                         c. 1/6                     d. 1/6                    e. None of these

48.   A car travels at the rate of 50 miles per hour. How many minutes will it take to travel 2/5 mile at this speed?
a.       0.38                        b. 2.4                     c. 4.8                      d. 2.2                     e. None of these

49.   How long would it take a man cycling at 30 miles aper hour to cover a distance of 44 feet?
a.       1 sec                      b. 1 min                c. 5.2 sec                              d. 2.4 sec             e. None of these

50.   The cost of a camera at 50% discount is Tk 100. Find its actual price.
a.       Tk 125                   b. Tk 130              c. Tk 225                               d. Tk 335                              e. None of these

51.   Ten minutes after a plane leavesthe airport, it is reported to be 40 miles away. What is the avarage speed in miles per hour of the plane?
a.       560                         b. 66                      c. 400                     d. 240                    e. None of these

Full Questions with Detailed Answer is Coming Soon