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35th BCS Preparation: Recent Questions on Bangladesh Affairs

Let us have a look on the important questions of 2014 on recent Bangladesh Affairs. Many of these are definitely going to appear on your 35th BCS preliminary test and on different Bank job tests, University Admission tests and many other job tests.

Take preparation on Recent Bangladesh Affairs and take an online exam on recent Bangladesh Issue questions.

This post is divided in two sections.

In the first section `Reading Section' you will be given important questions of Recent Bangladesh Affairs.

Then in the second section, you will be given an online exam on the discussed questions.


What  is the position of Bangladesh among fisheries producing countries of the world
5 Th
Who is the first female Vice Chancellor in Public University?
Dr. Farzana Islam
When Maldives closed its embassy in Bangladesh
31st March, 2014
Who is the author of the book `Mujib Vai’?
ABM Musa
Who is the director of muktijuddho based film `Children of War’?
Mrittrunjoy Debobrato (India)
In whcih country of Bangladesh is exportting `Pharmaceuticals’ first?
Sri Lanka
What is the current per capita income of Bangladesh?
1190 US Dollar
How many districts are connected in railway servce?
44 districts
In how many days registration is mandatory for birth and death according to Birth and Death Registration Act 2004?
45 days
When 10th Parliamentary Election was held in Bangladesh?
5th January
How many technocrate ministers are there in the cabinet?
When the largest campaign of Ham Rubella in the history of Bangladesh was started?
25the January, 2014
What is the number of non Bank financial Institutions in Bangladesh?
What is the name of the first homemade ship for passengers?
MV Bangali
When Bangladesh Standard Time is formally started?
8th May 2014
How many gas fields in Bangladesh?
How many police stations are in Bangladesh?
Which upazilas lately formed in Bangladesh?
Guimara (Khagrachari) and Osmaninagar (Sylhet)
What is the number of scheduled bank inBangladesh?
Who is the first Bangladeshi origin American citizen elected as councilor in USA?
Tahsian Ahmed
Which is the maiden WiFi city in Bangladesh?
Which institution is the holder of Indipendence award 2014?
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
When Children Court is formed in each district?
13th April, 2014
Which company will build the Padma Bridge (Main)?
China Major Bridge Engineering Company Ltd.
What is the name of teh first female Vice Chancellor in BUET?
Prof. Khaleda Ikram
What is the population growth rate in Bangladesh?
What  is the position of Bangladesh in the world in terms of Remittance?
Who is the first female speaker in our National Parliament?
Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury
Which animal `Life mystry’ is firstly revealed by Bangladeshi scientists?
Who is the present President of International Cricket Council?
A H M Mustafa Kamal
What is ETP?
Electronic Treatment Plant
What is the position of Bangladesh in Child Marriage according to Unicef Report 2014?
Where is the first Jail Training Academy?
What is the position of Bangladesh in production of paddy in the world?
How many times the constitution of Bangladesh is amanded?


How you finished reading the questions with answers? Now practice carefully. Lets see how much prepared you are!

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