Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Seven things you should know about BCS Viva

Viva is the third step of BCS examination. After circulation of BCS examination, one has  to sit for BCS preliminarily and BCS written exam first.

These two exams are not only tough but also takes a lot of time. Sometimes it becomes one to one and half year long. That is why when a student gets selected for BCS viva, he gets no alternative to face the viva board nicely and get the job.

If this student fails, he losses not only the job but also the his hardwork and long time from his life. So my friends, if you are appearing at BCS viva, take it seriously. BCS viva preparation should be your ultimate BCS preparation.

I will share some quarries of how to face BCS viva.  I believe, this will help you realize what BCS viva is, and how it should be dealt with. All this will positively affect your BCS preparation.

FAQ 1: How many mambers are their in a viva board?
Answer: Generally, a BCS viva board consists of three members- one chairman and two members. The member of BPSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission) holds the chair of chairman.

FAQ 2: Which type of people becomes the member of viva board?
Answer: Senior Bureaucrats, University teachers and senior journalists generally become the member of BCS viva board.

FAQ 3: Is there a psychologist in the board?
Answer: In the last BCS viva boards, psychologists were not there. BPSC may include them if they want.

FAQ 4: Shall I answer in Bangla or English?
Answer: If you are asked in Bangla, you should reply in Bangla and if you are asked in English, you should reply in English.

FAQ 5: How long a BCS viva becomes?
Answers: There is no standard time for this. A viva could be as short as 2 minutes and as long as 45 minutes.

FAQ 6: Is a long viva indicates good performance?
Answer: No. No matter how much the duration of the viva is, matter is how much satisfied the board is. If a candidate can satisfy a board in a short time, his viva could be short durated. But too short viva in most cases carries bad result. And sometimes even afrer a long viva the board remains unsatisfied. My point is, duration is not a matter. Matter is the performance.

FAQ 7: How should I dress for viva?
Answer: You should dress formally. For men, full sleeve shirt with formal pant is good. One can put on a tie also. It creats more formal look. I will sugest to avoid the tie if you feel uncomfortable. For women, both the shari and salwar-kamiz will serve the purpose.
One thing should be noted that according to the dress code of Bangladesh male shoul include a tie with his formal dress up. If it is winter, male participant should wear a coat. And women, should wear Shari as a formal dress up.
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These are few questions only. If you have more questions, feel free to ask me through comment. Until then, BEST OF LUCK.