Monday, November 17, 2014

BCS and Bank Job Model Test - English 3

How your BCS preparation is going on? Perhaps well. And, definitely you are putting importance on English. Because out of 200 number in the next 35th BCS exam, English language and literature will bear 35 number.

Doing better in Bangladesh Affairs, International Affairs etc subjects helps less to pass in the preliminary exam. Because most of the students who passes do well in those subjects. English is the trump card. If you are well prepared in English, you can change the result.

Before this post, I have posted two model tests on English. If you are new to this post, you can also solve the previous model tests on English by clicking the following link.

## BCS and Bank Job Model Test English 1
## BCS and Bank Job Model Test English 2

Now lets start the test
41. Could you come back in a few hours! I have another job to do. I don’t want to put ------------ any anger.
a. it offf
b. it across
c. it down
d. for it

Choose the best option
42. Tired: Exhausted
a. free: democratic
b. tidy: haphazard
c. hungry: famished
d. hesitant: weak

43. Chuckle: amusement
a. sorrow: misery
b.comment: opinion
c. tremor: glee
d. whimper: fear

44. food: edible
a. water: portable
b. clothing: protective
c. energy: swift
d. glass: breakable

45. Though the bus was slow I was ----------- for the class.
a. in time
b. late
c. on time
d. into time

46. The house by the sea had a mysterious air of serenity about it.
a. melancholy
b. joy
c. seriousness
d. calmness

47. While going to class-------------
a. the dog bit me
b. I was bitten by a dog
c. a dog bite me
d. a dog bit me

48. The children are frolicking in the garden.
a. crying
b. shouting
c. playing happily
d. having a quarrel

49. Cutting a sorry figure- means
a. to look melancholy
b. to look apologetic
c. to act badly
d. to look miserable

50. A child in the first grade tends to be ---------- all of the other children in the class.
a. the same age to
b. the same age than
c. the same age like
d. the same age as

41. a                     42.c                      43. D                     44. D                     45. C                     46. D                     47.d                      48. C                     49. C                     50. D

51. A `swan song’ is
a. the first work
b. the most recent work
c. the final work
d. the most beautiful work

52. Identify the imperative sentence.
a. I shall go to college
b. Matin is singing a song
c. Stand up
d. It has been raining since morning

53. Fill in the gap with the suitable word:
To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced-------
a. diet
b. food
c. drink
d. environment

54. The meaning of the word`bbese’ is-
a. very fat
b. ugly
c. tardy
d. obnoxious

55. A person who writes about his own life writes ------
a. a diary
b. a biography
c. an autobiography
d. a chronicle

56. Which of the following sentence is correct?
a. Why have you done this?
b. Why you had done this?
c. Why you have done this?
d. Why did you done this?

57. What will be the correct preposition to complete the sentence?
I am not good -------------- translation.
a. In
b. About
c. With
d. At

58. Which is the noun of word `beautiful’?
a. Beauty
b. Beautiful
c. Beauteous
d. Beautifully

59. Fill in the blank with  appropriate preposition:
`Hurry up! We have to go-------------- five minutes’
a. In
b. On
c. By
d. For

60. Especially important to all people of our country---------
a. are the rule of just laws
b. is the rule of just laws
c. it is the rule laws
d. the rule of just laws

51.c   52. C    53. A    54. A    55. C      56. A  
57. D   58. A     59. C               60. b