Monday, November 24, 2014

Download BCS Model test: Unbeatable Question from the daily Ittefaq- part 1

BCS Model questions published in different newspapers very important for a complete BcS preparation. The Daily Ittefaq also publishes important questions everyday.

The daily Ittefaq in its Model questions includes different chapters following the 35th BCS syllabus.

I am sharing questions published from 1st November to 24 lth November. These questions ccovered almost all subjects of new Syllabus of 35th BCS. Don't miss to download them.

File type: pdf
File size: 1.5 mb
To download click HERE

sample model questions from the daily ittefaq
BCS model question published on the daily ittefaq

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Friday, November 21, 2014

BCS Model Test 2: Justify Your Preparation Level

Enjoy the 2nd episode of BCS Model test. As I have said you, these will help you to enrich your BCS preparation.

BCS Model Number:2

BCS Model Test 2:

BCS Model Tests: Don't Miss to Justify Yourself

I will share some BCS model tests. Hope that these tests will help to strengthen your BCS preparation. Enjoy the test.
All these tests are collected from

Test number 1:

Test number 2:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

35th BCS Tips: The Bullet Tips that may Keep you on Right Track

In 35th Bcs two and a half lakh people are going to appear at where the number of total post is 1803. This is why, if you are a 35th BCS candidate, you not only have to work hard but also have to follow some  systems, techniques and tip. This post is all about BCS preliminary test tips.

Don't jam your brain with rubbish information:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Ugly Facts of BCS job

Many of you are preparing for BCS exam, and I know many of you will get the job too. But is it the job you are thinking of? May be there are some disappointing factors that you may not know about BCS. May be its not the job you really dream of. I have seen many people to quit Cadre service few months or years after joining the service.

35th BCS exam preliminary exam is on February. If you are preparing for the next 35th BCS examination, you should read this post.

Promotion Facility:
You all know that in Government service promotion is depended on the vacant post of upper level. In the last few years a lot of people become BCS cadre. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BCS and Bank Job Model Test- English 4

Have you tested yourself with my previous model test on english for BCS and Bank job preparation? Test yourself with my previous posts.

Now lets start today’s post-------

61. Especially important to all people of our country-
a. are the rule of just laws
b. is the rule of just laws
c. it is the rule of just laws
d. the rule of just laws

62. ------------ manhy young men including anti-social activities.
a. they are being deprived of their rights
b. Being deprived of their rights
c. Although deprived of their rights
d. They have been deprived of their rights

Monday, November 17, 2014

BCS and Bank Job Model Test - English 3

How your BCS preparation is going on? Perhaps well. And, definitely you are putting importance on English. Because out of 200 number in the next 35th BCS exam, English language and literature will bear 35 number.

Doing better in Bangladesh Affairs, International Affairs etc subjects helps less to pass in the preliminary exam. Because most of the students who passes do well in those subjects. English is the trump card. If you are well prepared in English, you can change the result.

Before this post, I have posted two model tests on English. If you are new to this post, you can also solve the previous model tests on English by clicking the following link.

## BCS and Bank Job Model Test English 1
## BCS and Bank Job Model Test English 2

Now lets start the test
41. Could you come back in a few hours! I have another job to do. I don’t want to put ------------ any anger.
a. it offf
b. it across
c. it down
d. for it

Choose the best option
42. Tired: Exhausted
a. free: democratic
b. tidy: haphazard
c. hungry: famished
d. hesitant: weak

43. Chuckle: amusement
a. sorrow: misery
b.comment: opinion
c. tremor: glee
d. whimper: fear

44. food: edible
a. water: portable
b. clothing: protective
c. energy: swift
d. glass: breakable

45. Though the bus was slow I was ----------- for the class.
a. in time
b. late
c. on time
d. into time

46. The house by the sea had a mysterious air of serenity about it.
a. melancholy
b. joy
c. seriousness
d. calmness

47. While going to class-------------
a. the dog bit me
b. I was bitten by a dog
c. a dog bite me
d. a dog bit me

48. The children are frolicking in the garden.
a. crying
b. shouting
c. playing happily
d. having a quarrel

49. Cutting a sorry figure- means
a. to look melancholy
b. to look apologetic
c. to act badly
d. to look miserable

50. A child in the first grade tends to be ---------- all of the other children in the class.
a. the same age to
b. the same age than
c. the same age like
d. the same age as

41. a                     42.c                      43. D                     44. D                     45. C                     46. D                     47.d                      48. C                     49. C                     50. D

51. A `swan song’ is
a. the first work
b. the most recent work
c. the final work
d. the most beautiful work

52. Identify the imperative sentence.
a. I shall go to college
b. Matin is singing a song
c. Stand up
d. It has been raining since morning

53. Fill in the gap with the suitable word:
To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced-------
a. diet
b. food
c. drink
d. environment

54. The meaning of the word`bbese’ is-
a. very fat
b. ugly
c. tardy
d. obnoxious

55. A person who writes about his own life writes ------
a. a diary
b. a biography
c. an autobiography
d. a chronicle

56. Which of the following sentence is correct?
a. Why have you done this?
b. Why you had done this?
c. Why you have done this?
d. Why did you done this?

57. What will be the correct preposition to complete the sentence?
I am not good -------------- translation.
a. In
b. About
c. With
d. At

58. Which is the noun of word `beautiful’?
a. Beauty
b. Beautiful
c. Beauteous
d. Beautifully

59. Fill in the blank with  appropriate preposition:
`Hurry up! We have to go-------------- five minutes’
a. In
b. On
c. By
d. For

60. Especially important to all people of our country---------
a. are the rule of just laws
b. is the rule of just laws
c. it is the rule laws
d. the rule of just laws

51.c   52. C    53. A    54. A    55. C      56. A  
57. D   58. A     59. C               60. b

Sunday, November 16, 2014

BCS and Bank Job Preparation in 2 minutes

BCS preparation has become very easy now. ONLINE JOB PREPARATION has brought audio lectures for you. This lecture is of 2 minutes around. In two minutes you will complete idea on a particular topic. You have the just listen the audio lectures, and this will make you completely prepared.

My advice will be to listen the audio lecture first. Then read the attached scan copy of the lecture. Then solve the important questions attached with it. All these will make you 100% prepared for any job in Bangladesh in a particular topic.



BCS and Bank Job Model Test - English 2

May be you have already solved my first post on BCS and Bank job model test - English 1. If you want to test yourself by solving the questions of that post you can click HERE.

In my previous post, I gave 20 questions. This is why I am starting today form question number 21.

21. The word `bounty' is closest in meaning to
a. generosity
b. familiar
c. dividing line
d. sympathy

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


For most of us English is the most fearful subject for the BCS and bank job exams. Most cases, English becomes the deciding factor for a exam.

But after researching the question it becomes evident that with practice the fear of English can be eradicated. And, it also becomes evident that if a student practices the important and common questions of previous year he can answar at least 80 percent correctly.

I will share some important and common questions of previous year. Practice all these.

If you can't realize any question and answer, you can ask me through comment. I will try to make you understand.

1. The term CATHARSIS is related to
a. Tragedy       
b. Comedy
c. Epic
d. Fiction

Seven things you should know about BCS Viva

Viva is the third step of BCS examination. After circulation of BCS examination, one has  to sit for BCS preliminarily and BCS written exam first.

These two exams are not only tough but also takes a lot of time. Sometimes it becomes one to one and half year long. That is why when a student gets selected for BCS viva, he gets no alternative to face the viva board nicely and get the job.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BCS Model Test - English 1

Let us practice a BCS model test on Noun. This will help your both BCS preparation and Bank job preparation.

Fill in the gap
1.Unless protected areas are established the Royal Bengal Tigers will face ------------- of extinction.
a. Possible
b. the possibility
c. to be possible
d. most possibly

35th BCS Preliminary Model Test 1

How 35th bCS preparation is going on? I am sharing some model tests. All these tests are collected from 

BCS Model Test
BCS Model Test 1
BCS Model test 2
BCS Model Test 3

Friday, November 07, 2014

Secrets of a Successful Interview

how to face and interview
Interview is one of the most important and popular ways of selection or rejection of candidate for a job. There could be found very few people who do not fear the interview. But for being employed there is no alternative to a succesful interview. Let us know today, how to face an interview and what are the secrets of a successful interview.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Which Question Shall I Answer First in the BCS Preliminary Test?

Dear Friends, how are you? How BCS preparation is going on? Many of my junior brothers asked me a common question? Brother, which question shall I answer first? Most of the times I told them to answer as their wish. The fact is- there is no definite answer for this question. But in my life I have seen that taking care of few things during preliminary test creates great impact on the total performance. And, most important of them is to start answering questions wisely. Let me explain you why and how.

35th BCS Syllabus

After a long interval of time, 35th BCS circular published. This time Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) published job circular of 1803 posts including both general and technical cadre. From the circular, it is also seen that form now on BCS preliminary test will be held in a new format. Massive change is- this time total number of the test in 200 where it had been always 100 in previous preliminary exams. Not only this, BPSC has published a syllabus on the circular. Syllabus from BPSC though is not new, this time BPSC changed the total formate of the syllabus.
Knowing and looking into the syllabus of 35th BCS is very important for a good BCS preparation. Because, syllabus helps us to consider what to read and how much to read.
However, let us see the 35th BCS syllabus.

Total number: 200
Bangla Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
Bangladesh Affairs
International Affairs
Geography (Bangladesh and the world), Nature and Disaster Management
General Science
Computer and ICT
Mathmatical Logic
Mental Ability
Morality, Logic and Good Governance

Best wishes to your BCS preparation. Take Care Friends..

Sunday, November 02, 2014

35th BCS Preliminary Test Preparation Tip 1

The first job of BCS applicant is to solve the past BCS questions. This helps the applicant to realize the question pattern, and to find important topics for the qestion. But, most important thing is that  these questions frequently reappear in the preliminary tests. 

Though the question pattern of BCS preliminary test has changed, the previous questions are still important. About 20% previous questions will reappear in the coming 35th BCS preliminary test. 

While solving the previous questions a student should find out the important topics for BCS preli Test.  For example, from previous questions it becomes distinct that rivers of Bangladesh, events of 1971, capital and coin of different countries l, different geographical and political locations etc. are very important. Questions from these topics are seen to reappear in different BCS Preliminary Tests.

All preliminary tests are actually test of rejection. Examiners gives this test just to reduce  the volume of edaminee or candidate. So, when you appear at any preliminary examination, you must consider that you have to survive here.

You must have to avoid common mistakes to survive there. Failure to give correct answer to the questions which reappear from previous BCS questions falls under common mistake. Because, most of the candidates get the previous preliminary test question with answer by heart. This is why, if you miss single of thise questions, you make not pass the test. 

Dear friends, all I want to say is- start your BCS preliminary test preparation by getting the previous BCS preliminary test questions by heart.
For detailed and effective tips on 35th BCS you can visit- 

35th BCS Tips: The Bullet Tips that may Keep you on Right Track


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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Difference Between CV and Resume

Many students often ask me a common question. What is the difference between Curriculam Vita (CV) and Resume? Both of them are used for almost same purpose. But still there is difference between CV and Resume.

The primary differance between CV and Resume is length of information.  CV is more detailed than Resume. Commonly, a resume consists of one or two pages containing the summary of one’s educational quaification, experiance, training etc. Whereas, CV is more detailed in nature. In CV the qualifications, experiance, training etc. are described in detailed form. CV could be more than two pages. But, resume should never be more than two pages.

In Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka CVs are popularly used. In Europe, Middle East  and Africa also the job providers desire to receive CV.  Resume is exclusively used in United States for job purpose mostly. In US, CV is used for academic, research or scientific purpose mostly.

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